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Ward Indigne
Current Residence: Belgium
I enjoy playing computer games, reading (mostly fantasy novels), travelling and watching movies and series. Furthermore I am interested in architecture and history.
I mainly listen to hardcore (punk), indie- and blues rock, metal and electronic music.
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1) My first name is Ward, and my most used nickname is wardzak, if you see a wardzak somewhere, it's probably me.
2) I live in Belgium, not a dull country as some believe: it's in the center of Europe so there's easy travel (and a lot of bands passing through), and because our country is so small no city is more then 2 hours apart by car.
3) I'm in my first bachelor industrial engineering, since the arty farties in architecture didn't let me through last year =|
4) My main two hobbies are playing games and reading fantasy novels.
5) pancakes.


1) Are you happy?

I guess, although people often remark that I don't smile very often.

2) What are your religious views? Why do you think that way?

I think I could be considered an atheïst, although being brought up with a religious background(Catholic) still makes me value some of major christian values on life.
I try to find out for myself what's important and what isn't.

3) Which school of philosophy best describes your view on life?

A list to choose from would be practical. I like to approach things in life in a relaxed way. Although I tend to be lazy too often, I try to build on myself and my future. I'm a cynic who ofte nhas prejudices, but I try to give everyone a chance at proving themselves. 

4) If you're lying on your back outside, looking at a star-filled sky, what is it you think about?

How we're probably not the only ones in the universe, and wonder if humankind will ever see alien species.

5) Do you have faith in humanity?

This is a vague question, I don't think the human race will live on forever.

6) Have you ever consumed a piece of media that has taught you a valuable lesson about life?

Humans learn from their surroundings and too often these happen to be games, films, anime/series/catoons but also books for me; so yes.

7) Do you think that space travel is at all possible? How big do you think the human race will grow on a cosmological scale?

I think it is, but we might need other technology then we use at this moment. Whether humankind will achieve this depends on the time we have left on earth and on whether we will discover the needed technology. I suppose space travel will be the only way for long time survival of the human race.

8) Do you believe that all humans deserve to be treated equally? What drives you to answer the question the way you do?

I believe that all humans need to get a chance to prove themselves. One should see that some people didn't get all the chances to achieve what others have achieved and thus are less what is cosnidered as succesfull at life. I believe that all humans deserve the same chances, but not all humans should be treated equally.

9) If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?

I suppose this is a semantic question on what 'sound' exactly means. I'm pretty sure the fall still brings forth the vibrations in the air that we perceive as sound, the question is or this is still sound when there's no one to receive these vibrations and process them.

10) Do you think humans are the only kind of sentient life in the universe?

I do not, the universe is so vast I think there are reasonable chances there are other life forms in the universe.

11) Can you prove the principle of explosion (i.e. (P ∧ ¬P) → everything you could ever imagine)? If so, would you be so kind as to oblige?

What I look like? Some philoso-scientist?! biatch pls.


No tags :|

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